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Established in Shoreditch, London in 2006, Duke of Uke was the first specialist ukulele store in the UK. Duke of Uke quickly drew national press coverage for their spectacular range of ukuleles and their entourage of famous visitors and guest performers. Showcasing a huge selection of ukulele in all shapes and sizes, available in store and online, Duke of Uke was quickly adopted as one of London's hidden treasures. It soon became known as ‘London’s World Famous Ukulele Store’. With a vast program of ukulele lessons, courses and workshops, plus live music events, Duke of Uke continues to be a hot spot for ukulele fans and aficionados all over the world.

Press releases

Bored in Coronavirus Lockdown? Learn the ukulele!

The UK’s newly housebound population are discovering creative ways to fill the extra hours, with the most unlikely of musical instruments.... read more

08.04.2020 • By Duke of Uke

Resolute Londoners hit Ukulele store in preparation for self-isolation

Italy has shown that music is the best remedy in times of crisis, and Londoners are also getting in tune as it seems it wasn’t just hand sanitiser... read more

17.03.2020 • By Duke of Uke

Hawaii Ukulele Virtuoso 'Taimane' to play rare UK performance

Duke of Uke, London’s World Famous Ukulele Store and Grand Northern Ukulele Festival have teamed up to bring Hawaii Ukulele Virtuoso Taimane to UK... read more

08.05.2019 • By Duke of Uke